Colours & Finishes

All Vicwest metal roofing and steel cladding profiles, as well as coordinating trims, flashings and accessories are available in a broad spectrum of natural, traditional and designer colours to help you complete your design vision. In fact, Vicwest carries the widest range of in-stock prefinished steel colours in the industry. Please see each product page for available colours for individual profiles. For more information and to check colour availability, please contact your Vicwest Sales or Architectural representative.

Don’t see the colour you want in a particular profile? Our colour chart showing all Vicwest colours is available for download in PDF format below. All of the colours on our colour chart can be made available for any Vicwest steel roofing or cladding profile – an additional charge or longer delivery time may apply where the colour is not standard stock.     Design Tips


Enhance the beauty of your home with a metal roof in one of our new matte colours – a fabulous collection of richly layered colours with a velvety finish for a softer, more beautiful look.

Colour and Finishes Guide
Looking for the perfect color or finish to reflect your home’s character or just want to enhance its curb appeal? Vicwest offers a large selection of prefinished steel colors and finishes – from Whites and Off-Whites, Historical and Earth Tones to Metallic finishes. Please note: Not all colors are available in all products or regions. Please check with your local Vicwest sales representative or your local building center.

Download Colours and Finishes Guide here

Painted Finishes: WeatherXL®
WeatherXL® has quickly become one of the most popular and longest lasting paint systems in North America. Manufactured by Valspar, this Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) paint system uses a proprietary resin to create a hard-wearing, no maintenance finish that exhibits remarkable color and gloss retention, superior chalk resistance and resistance to stains, abrasions and metal marking. It is available in a wide range of colors limited only by your imagination and supported by a 40 year limited warranty.
While other Canadian companies may offer WeatherXL®, make sure you get your products from Vicwest: the only company with a direct from the manufacturer warranty in Canada. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your roof’s finish is backed by two of the largest and most respected companies in the industry: Vicwest and Valspar.

Download WeatherXL Brochure here

Expressence Premium Coated Metal
Expressence premium coated metal fuses the timeless beauty of wood with the durability of metal;
– Unique and realistic emulations of natural woods
– Consistent, controllable and permanent colour and appearance
– Compliant with traditional metal fabrication and installation methods
– Significant weight reduction compared to wood
– Reduced cost of materials, installation and maintenance
– Improved fire protection over real wood
– Eliminates environmental ramifications of using scarce or protected woods
– Virtually maintenance-free with no resealing or re-coating required

Download Expressence Brochure

BAYCOAT Specialty Systems Colour Card
The 10000 Series is a 2-coat system based on the Kynar 500* resin system. 10000 Series is used primarily in architectural and commercial applications of a more prestigious nature. It has superior colour retention and formability properties. Barrier is a 2-coat plastisol system which is typically 4, 8 or 12 mils thick depending on its end use. It is used in high performance applications and in environments where corrosion resistance is the primary concern.
It has good weathering and protective properties, plus excellent formability. The Metallic/Elite Series are 4-coat systems used in prestigious applications: Metallics for flat architectural panels, and Elite for accent applications. They are available in a range of colours and metallic finishes
offering very good weathering and protective properties.

Download Baycoat Colour Chart

Solar Reflectance & Emissivity
To assist in the specification process, Vicwest is pleased to provide the following listing identifying the Solar Reflectance and Emissivity test results, as well as the Solar Reflective Index (SRI), for our WeatherXLTM(SMP) colours plus the most popular metallic system and unpainted finishes. These results relate specifically to the Sustainable site section, Credit 7.2 of the LEED®document Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof and Roof. These colours have been tested in accordance with the methods outlined in the LEED® document and supporting documentation is available upon request. It is important to note that LEED® requires a minimum SRI of 78 for low slope roof applications (≤ 2:12) and of 29 for steep slope roof applications (>2.12). Vicwest offers 35 colours and 2 unpainted finishes for steep slope applications and 4 colour that meets the requirements for low slope application

Download Solar Reflectance & Emissivity information here

Natural Finishes

Vicwest steel roofing profiles are also available in natural unpainted finishes to give your building a traditional look. GalvalumeTM is an aluminum-zinc coated steel that gives a smooth, silvery metallic spangled look and offers two times the corrosion resistance than bare galvanized steel. Galvalume PlusTM is an acrylic resin coated steel that provides even superior corrosion resistance and will maintain it’s “brand new” appearance longer. Galvanized is a zinc-coated steel core which will weather over time to a darkened appearance.

GalvalumeTM is a trademark of ArcelorMittal Dofasco.

Metallic Finishes

Vicwest’s Metallic Series will give your roof that opulent, high-end look in a long lasting, no maintenance painted finish that has none of the drawbacks or financial costs associated with natural metals such as copper. And, unlike natural metals, your roof will retain its “new” metallic appearance for decades. This four coat Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF: 70% Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 Fluropolymers resins) paint system comes in a broad color range with custom coloring available.

All metallic finishes are non-stocked and additional charges and delivery times will apply. Should you require a metallic finish, please contact your Vicwest sales representative or ask at the Pro or Contractor desk at your local building supply center.

Painted Finishes: Barrier Series

The ultimate in durability! Vicwest’s Barrier Series contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Plasticol resins for extra toughness that is perfect for the harshest of climates and environments making it much more resistant to accidental abrasions such as falling debris.