Multilevel commercial building with Expressence Archictectural Finish by VicWest Building Products

Expressence – natural wood or stone finishes with the advantage of durable metal

Tamara Potichny Commercial Blogs

Natural products like wood or stone, are used in architectural and interior design to create aesthetic appeal. Wood grain patterns and stone surfaces add texture, and can work successfully to create a contemporary urban design, or give a building an aged, heritage, or rustic look.

Wood and stone have some substantial drawbacks including:

  • weathering that changes the colour and breaks down the surface
  • maintenance to replace or repair weathered damaged cladding
  • the material weight itself which may be problematic to the structure
  • fire hazards associated with combustible wood siding
  • the initial and lifecycle costs, which may be prohibitive.

Vicwest is pleased to offer wood and stone natural finishes on our full range of wall and roof steel profile products.

Our Expressence finishes are designed to achieve your creative vision, while overcoming the limitations and drawbacks of wood and stone. Choose from Dark Cedar, Weathered Cedar, Natural Zine, Zinc Quartz, and Weathered Steel.

Here are some of the advantages of using our Expressence finish on Vicwest steel panels instead of installing wood or stone products.

  1. Durability: our premium coated metal finish is created with advanced PVDF paint technology. This ensures optimum protection for colour retention.
  2. Available with a 40-year paint performance warranty.
  3. Solid steel panels provide superior strength, ease of installation, and construction efficiency.
  4. Reduced fire hazard and better performance in severe weather.

Download the Expressence Architectural Finishes Brochure and learn how these unique finishes add stunning natural accents to both commercial and residential buildings.