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Mesa (DM40) Wall Panel

Insulated Metal Panels

The perfect economical choice for exterior and interior industrial and cold storage facilities is our Mesa (DM40) insulated metal panel. This panel is available in thicknesses up to 8”, offering superior thermal performance for cold storage buildings. Panels are embossed and lightly planked providing a uniform exterior wall aesthetic. In addition, panels are available in lengths up to 50 feet long which can minimize panel end joint conditions and improve installation time.

Fastening System
Hidden Fastener
Available Gauge
26 GA
Panel Width
Panel Length
8′ min / 50′ max

* Consult Vicwest for required panel lengths longer than the published standard. (Exception – All fire rated panels)
Panel Thickness
2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5", 6"
R16 - 2"
R20 - 2.5"
R24 - 3"
R32 - 4"
R41 - 5"
R49 - 6"
R62 - 8"

** R-Value tested in accordance with ASTM C518/C1363 at 40° F mean temperature adjusted for a windspeed of 15 mph.