Design Tips

Steel Roof or Cladding Colour Selection

Did you know? Centuries ago European farmers maintained wooden barns and used a linseed oil mixture which today is known as wood sealant. Wealthy farmers would tint the sealant with blood from a recent slaughter to a mixture providing for the reddish orange colour. Others would add a ferrous oxide known as rust to ward off mould and moss which would fester in the wood itself. The statement became fashionable and especially with white farm houses in contrast. Today there are a number of colours and finishes to choose from both traditional and non traditional depending on preference. Below are a few design tips with relation to steel roof and cladding colours.

Steel roofing and cladding have generally recognized benefits such as fire-resistance, a light weight, seamless integrity, a wide variety of color choices, and longevity. But choosing a lighter colour will provide a cooler interior space. Natural finishes provide the greatest roof reflectance and can easily be complimented by virtually any cladding colour chosen.

When steel roofing or cladding is installed it is recommended to use screws for fastening. Screws hold better than nails over time and provide for better weather tightness. Vicwest offers colour coordinating screws for virtually every roof style and colour. Be sure to consult your local building supply centre for correct length and sizes specific to your roof or wall application.

For greater insulation measures consider insulated foam panels by Vicwest for your barn’s exterior. These panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and are available in a wide range of colours to compliment your farm’s appearance. They are easily installed allowing for speedier construction.