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Engineered by Vicwest.
Powered by Hover.


Transform smartphone photos of your clients’ homes into accurate, interactive 3D models. With True Nature powered by Hover, you can save time and money by closing more business.


What is HOVER?

HOVER’s patented technology provides you with detailed exterior measurements for your metal roofing, siding or windows projects. You can also use the 3D model to demonstrate what True Nature metal roof tiles and colors will look like on their home.

Save Time & Money

Show homeowners what their project will look like and gain instant credibility early in the sales process. All you need are exterior measurements to generate an estimate and product mock-up, all in fewer trips to the job site!


Onboard with Hover

Connect with us to find out how Hover can help you with your next project.


Use Hover to visualize these products:

  • Cedar Creek Shake
  • North Ridge Slate
  • Coastal Wave
  • Bellara
  • Prestige (Coming 2021)
  • Ultravic (Coming 2021)