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Insulated Metal Panels

All Weather
Insulated Panels

Today’s building projects require the perfect combination of energy efficiency and creative versatility. All Weather Insulated Panels are the perfect choice to deliver the superior insulation, construction efficiency and long-term building performance that eco-conscious builders, designers and owners demand. Designed to creatively answer the most diverse wall and roof applications, these unique panels are made up of highly energy efficient, factory controlled polyisocyanurate foam insulation sandwiched between a finished metal exterior and an interior face. All Weather Insulated Panels are available in a broad line of wall and roof panels accompanied by a full range of complementary trims, accessories and engineering services. We also offer a mineral wool panel that is perfect for buildings that require the utmost in fire protection.

Technical Resources

All Vicwest products are designed in collaboration with engineers, specifiers and contractors to ensure a seamless installation on-site.