Diamond Rib

Combines a classic barn appearance in a durable profile

Vicwest manufactures two different variations of the Diamond Rib profile, which is by far our most popular agricultural profile in gauges of 24 to 30.  Diamond Rib is an exposed fastening panel spanning lengths of up to 30′.  Diamond Rib is available in a coverage width of 30″. Please check with your Vicwest sales representatives for additional information.


PLEASE NOTE: These are standard colours and are representative only. Vicwest does not recommend making a purchase decision on colour selection without consulting with your Vicwest Representative and/or request a metal colour sample. Items marked with an * are non-standard colours. Please contact your Vicwest Sales Representative for Special Orders, Availability by Region, Colour Guides or Pricing. Download Colour & Finishes Brochure HERE

The following videos explain various installation steps of Vicwest metal roofing with exposed fasteners for Ultravic, Supervic, 7/8″ Corrugated, Barnmaster, Diamond Rib, Double M, Grand Rib and Victoria. Also available as a general installation practice for VicElite.

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