DripStop Condensation Control

When the temperature and humidity conditions reach the dew point, moisture condenses on the underside of uninsulated metal creating water droplets, which fall, causing damage to the contents below and promoting mould and bacterial growth.

DRIPSTOP is a self-adhesive membrane designed to trap the moisture until it can evaporate, eliminating the problems caused by condensation and adding a layer of protection to your metal structure.

• No more dripping from the roof
• Durability. DRIPSTOP is not susceptible to ripping, tearing or deterioration like standard insulation and vapour barriers
• Easy to clean with hose or pressure washer

• Added value and differentiation
• Easy to apply
• Excellent technical support

To confirm colour availability by region and gauge, please click here.

Agricultural Buildings
Industrial Halls
Self Storage
Sports Halls
Aircraft Hangars
Uninsulated Arenas
PLEASE NOTE: These are standard colours and are representative only. Please contact your Vicwest rep for Special Orders and a colour guide.  Vicwest does not recommend making a purchase decision on colour selection without consulting with your Vicwest Representative and/or request a metal colour sample.