1-Hour Rated Wall Panel (fiRe)

fiRe 1-Hour Rated exterior wall and interior partition panels are factory assembled from a unique combination of tried and true cladding components resulting in a building composite that delivers superior performance in all categories compared with mineral wool core sandwich panels. fiRe 1-Hour rated Walls are designed to match all standard AWIP facing panels and finishes so you won’t have to settle for comprised aesthetics. With an R value of 32, fiRe panels will meet today’s restrictive energy requirements without having to weigh over 8 pounds per square foot and be 9” thick.

  • Double the R-Value per inch of other hourly rated sandwich panels
  • Factory assembled composite, delivered on-site in one piece for easy one-step installation
  • Structurally superior to mineral wool sandwich panel
  • Extremely resistant to deflection, breakage and moisture penetration
  • Available in all standard colors and profiles as AWIP standard 40” wide wall products
  • Hidden fastening at joints
  • Designed for interior partitions or exterior wall applications
  • Panel Width: 40”
  • Panel Length: 8’ to 40’ maximum
  • Standard Weight: 5.5 psf
  • Insulation Material: CFC-free foamed-inplace polyisocyanurate foam 2.1 to 2.5 pcf density
  • Joint Configuration: Double offset tongue and groove with concealed fastener
  • Profile Availability: All standard wall profiles (DM40-F, FL40-F, ST40-F, HE40-F, HE40A-F)
  • Metal Facings: 26ga galvanized steel (22ga, 24ga available)
  • Coatings: PVDF & SMP (other coatings available)
  • Accessories: Fasteners, concealed fastener clips, sealants, brake formed flashings
  • **R-Value tested in accordance with ASTM C518/C1363 at 40˚F mean temperature, adjusted for a windspeed of 15mph.