OneDek™ is the revolutionary Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) that has insulation and substrate formed at the factory so it arrives on the job site stronger and more secure than components of traditional built-up roof applications.

  • Incredibly fast installation, no on-site application of rigid foam insulation
  • Steel substrate provides exceptional damage & fire resistance
  • Shear resistance equivalent to traditional built up steel deck
  • TPO or PVC membranes easily fastened mechanically or fully adhered
  • Interior factory white painted steel in clean washable finish reduces lighting needs
  • “System Warranty” covers membrane through to structural steel, including insulation and fastening applications

2 Step Roof Deck System

Step 1: Composite IMP
Step 2: Waterproofing

OneDek™ roof panels virtually slide together with tongue-and-groove joinery (RD1) or the lapping edge (RD5). Either roof deck panel requires at least one-third fewer through fasteners, resulting in less time and less labor. And because OneDek™ is a composite, it completely eliminates the step of having to install and fasten roof insulation board. It all adds up to money saved.

  • The top side substrate can be either primed steel or an approved facer depending on the roof covering attachment requirements.
  • Allows for a working platform during installation.
  • Superior deflection resistance.
  • Pre-painted 26ga Imperial White embossed reflective interior.
  • Easier installation with fewer required trades.
  • Eliminates potential for interstitial condensation.
  • Meets similar diaphragm shear resistance properties as 1.5″ deep 22ga B deck @ 60″ span between supports.