Mesa (DM40) Wall Panel

Our insulated metal panel with the Mesa profile is the perfect economical choice for exterior and or interior wall and ceiling applications on industrial and cold storage buildings. This panel is designed for cold storage facilities and offers excellent R and K values and long-term, premium energy efficiency.

  • The low profile linear exterior surface simplifies flashing connections designed to inhibit moisture vapor transmission compared with other deep fluted products on the market.
  • The additional mesa profile on the interior face makes this panel particularly suited for thicker, long-length walls.
  • The panel’s overlapping joint is self-aligning and allows for easy sealant application at the panel joinery.
  • The standard exterior metal surface is embossed 26ga G-90 galvanized steel with standard PVDF and SMP exterior coatings (other coatings may be available).
  • The standard interior metal surface is embossed 26ga Imperial White.
  • The panel arrives on site in one piece and requires a simple one step installation reducing construction time and costs.