FASSADE Insulated Wall System

Integrating superior thermal efficiency with unlimited design potential.

Vicwest’s FASSADETM Insulated Wall System is specifically engineered to comply with the stringent R-Value and thermal bridging requirements for steel framed walls without compromising your ability to achieve your creative vision.

Insulated Metal Panels: Uniting Energy Efficiency with Design Versatility AIA & CSI Accredited – This 1 hour course provides an overview of Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) systems in terms of their performance characteristics, profiles, testing/approval requirements, along with the design and installation considerations that are required to facilitate a successful installation. Take the Course

The FASSADETM Insulated Wall System incorporates an easy-to-install, single component insulated panel core with the ability to customize your building’s exterior with any of Vicwest’s wide range of cladding options. Unlike traditional insulation systems, our insulated panel core eliminates the inefficiencies of multi-piece field assemblies saving in installation time and labor costs – at the same time attaching on the outside of the building to provide maximum thermal efficiency and eliminate thermal bridging. This high performance core further functions as an economical alternative to conventional air and moisture barrier systems and, with minimal additional attachments, provides the structure to support diverse horizontal or vertical cladding systems. It allows your building to be quickly enclosed to maximize air and water tightness with the thermal benefits of insulated metal panels.