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Hidden Fastener Cladding - Roof

This low-slope roofing system features a corrugated panel appearance. The TSR system performs in all-weather condictions, including extreme winds, rains and heavy snow. It is engineered specifically for extremely low slope roof applications common to industrial and institutional buildings. It can be installed as a single skin roof cladding with various insulation thicknesses. In situations requiring high load capacities and/or structural diaphragm action, the TSR profile can also be installed over structural deck.

Fastening System
Hidden Fastener
Minimum Slope
Available Gauge
24 GA
Panel Width
24" (610 mm)
Panel Length
4’ min / 48’ max @ Stratford
5’ min / 50’ max @ Edmonton
Profile Depth
68 mm / 69 mm
Manufacturing Site
Edmonton, AB
Stratford, ON

Natural Finishes

Galvalume Plus
Galvalume Plus