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A top-down approach to building a home with a foundation that lasts

Top down view of a roof featuring Cedar Creek Shake product

Project Specifications

  • Location

    Dorchester, ON
  • Size

    4,000 sf
  • Type

    Custom Build

The Project

Those in the home construction business know that curb appeal isn’t just about design. It’s about designing a home that lasts. So to ensure his new home would look as good on year 50 as it did on day one, a local building center owner chose True Nature metal roof tiles.

The Challenge

Located in Dorchester, Ontario, the new home construction features bold lines, and that geometry carries through onto its 4,000 square-foot roof. “Being in the construction business himself, our homeowner knew how to distinguish quality construction materials,” explained Tim Easnor of AA Roofing. “Since this was a new build, asphalt shingles wouldn’t last a fraction of the lifetime of the house itself, so we decided that True Nature’s Cedar Creek Shake metal roof tile would be the ideal choice. Not only does it look exactly like real cedar shake, it would look better much, much longer.”

True Nature Cedar Creek Shake installed on a new roof

Spotlight on True Nature:

True Nature metal tiles work as a complete and integrated roofing system, which meant Easnor’s team could cover the gables, dormers, hips, valleys, and wall transitions seamlessly. The Quadra-Loc technology locks each tile in place on all four sides, combined with the specially designed trim components to create a water-tight shield that diverts water away from the roof deck to protect it from wear and potential long term damage.

Thoughts from the Experts

The metal tiles were specified in an Ebony finish. Vicwest’s proprietary paint system gave the finished product a highly realistic look reminiscent of actual shake tiles without the risk of fading, rot, or damage from regional winds and annual snowfall accumulation. The effect will leave neighbours jealous for decades.

“Let’s just say, he won’t need to repair or replace this roof after 10 years,” says Easnor.

About Double AA Roofing

Double AA Metal Roofing is a well established roofing company serving Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The Double AA Metal Roofing team has 20+ years of experience with steel materials. This experience level, combined with the technological advancements made in steel roofing products over the last decade allows our company to provide a fantastic roofing option for homeowners.

Double AA Roofing:

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