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The questions we get asked the most about metal roofing

With so much interest in metal roofs, we get a lot of questions about both the pros and the cons. Our design, sales and installation teams have collected the most common inquiries we receive about what to expect when switching to a metal roof.


Isn’t a metal roof expensive?

A metal roof is more expensive to install than asphalt shingles – approximately double. However, a metal roof has roughly triple the lifespan – around 50 years versus 15.  So the total cost of ownership makes a metal roof more economical than asphalt roofing over time.

Compared to natural materials like slate, shake or clay tiles, a metal roof is a much cheaper alternative to install and, again, has a total cost of ownership that makes it even more affordable over time.

Is a metal roof loud when it rains?

Whether a metal roof is loud when it rains is probably the most common question we get asked by homeowners. This isn’t surprising given that most of us have only seen metal roofs on barns and other industrial shelters. But when a metal roof is installed on the house, it’s done with solid sheathing and attic insulation, making it much quieter than other roofing materials.

Won’t a metal roof attract lightning?

Metal is highly conductive, which is why metal rods are used to draw lightning during storms. So you would assume that a metal roof would attract lightning, too. However, while metal is conductive, lightning is not drawn to metal. Lightning is attracted to the highest object in the area, like trees, hydro poles, towers, and antennas. 

If lightning does strike, a metal building system gives lightning a lower resistance path to the ground than other materials. (This is why you’re safer in your car during an electrical storm than beside it.) 

All of that said, any home should have built-in lightning protection measures – regardless of the roofing material used. So speak to your contractor about the ideal solution for yours.

Is a metal roof challenging to install?

Some metal roof products are more complicated to install than others, so we recommend working with a professional contractor who has experience working with metal roofing. They’ll know how to measure your roof and specify the right solution for your home. All of our metal roof profiles have specially designed trim systems and accessories to ensure that your home gets the protection it deserves. 

But what about maintenance? 

Maintenance is one of the most significant benefits of owning a metal roof. Because once it’s up, maintenance is zero. (Although you still have to clear your gutters…) 

Unlike natural materials which can dislodge from high winds, rot from pooling water, and fault under heavy snow, metal tiles stand up to all of that pressure. In fact, our True Nature tiles far exceeded wind tests conducted by Miami-Dade County (link to article), the most rigorous standard in the world.

Don’t metal roofs look too “modern”?

When it comes to metal roofs, most of us think of industrial buildings or ultra-modern homes. But metal roof products have come a long way. The profiles are not limited to ribbed panels or the more familiar standing seam. With the addition of metal roof tiles, in our True Nature series, for instance, you can now mimic natural materials like slate, shake, and clay to create a look that suits any architectural style. It’s the best of both worlds – design and performance.