Home Roofing Trend – High Performance Metal

Erica Einarson Residential Blogs

Architects and custom home builders have a history of recommending high performance metal roofing for the aesthetic appeal, and because of the array of superior durability characteristics. But, more and more homeowners, with homes of all sizes set in both rural and urban neighbourhoods, are selecting metal roofing to replace worn-out asphalt shingled roofs.

Consumers are aware of their environmental footprint, the need to select eco-friendly building materials, and the overall costs of home improvements, long-term. In addition, just as consumers seek out luxury upgraded fixtures for inside their homes, they are also choosing quality metal roofing when it comes to renovating their home’s exterior or remodelling their roof.

The idea of buying for the future, and selecting products ‘built-to-last’ is a trend that itself will stand the test of time.

So, what makes metal roofing a higher performing and higher quality roofing material?

High performance and quality are often judged by how a product withstands the environment it is subjected to, and how it continues to look and function during its service life. Let’s look at one metal roofing product that is a top choice for performance and quality.

Granite Ridge is an attractive stone-coated metal roof shingle that withstands extreme Canadian weather and even catastrophic storms and fires. The stone-coated finish has a coloured texture look, with a depth and richness that matches beautifully with exterior architectural treatments such as stone facings, brick and wood, often used in estate and custom homes.

Precision engineered from 26-gauge aluminum-zinc alloy and triple-coat finished, Granite Ridge is one of the strongest metal shingles available in the marketplace.

Both the composition and interlocking design of Granite Ridge metal shingles, contribute to its excellent weather performance. Granite Ridge is impact resistant with a 2.5″ hail stone warranty. In addition, the interlocking design tightens on all four sides giving unparalleled protection against driving rain and hurricane force winds, backed-up with a 120 MPH wind warranty.

Along with extreme weather, fire is a catastrophic event that pushes a building material to destruction. While metal roofing is considered fire-proof, Granite Ridge’s interlocking overlapping system provided no access for windblown embers, thereby protecting wood under-framing.

These high performance features are backed by a 50-year lifetime limited transferable warranty.

Not only does metal roofing such as Granite Ridge out perform in the natural environment, but it outlasts other roofing materials by decades, and is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life.

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