2019 Building Trend – Metal Roofing & Siding Continues to Grow

Tamara Potichny Residential Blogs

The start of a new year is traditionally the time to look ahead into the construction season and identify trends and preferences. Building material trends are built over-time and one trend that has been growing for years is the popularity of steel / metal building systems.

Principia Consulting produced an industry report, Metal Roofing 2018, analyzing standing seam, corrugated/ribbed panels, and specialty panel metal products. “Among the metal roofing contractors surveyed, 75% expect the market to grow over the next three years and suppliers echo similar growth expectations.” source Going forward into 2019, metal roofing /cladding continues to be the high performance building material of choice to many consumers and commercial developers. And here is why.

  • Metal Roofing / siding offers a lower lifetime cost delivering substantial cost savings over other materials such as asphalt tiles
  • Superior product performance such as weather resistance – especially against high winds and storms
  • Better energy savings over other traditional roofing materials
  • Availability and confidence in metal roofing contractors
  • Growing use of metal roofing / siding as specified by architects and designers

Principia Metal Roofing 2018 – Summary Statistics – Reasons for Growth (source)

Lifetime costing and product performance were identified as the 2 most significant reasons why people in the metal roofing industry see the growth expectations continuing into 2019.

What is lifetime costing? According to investopedia, “Lifetime cost is the total of all other costs relating to a good, like a car, or a home, over its expected lifetime in addition to the amount paid to acquire it.” For example, as a homeowner if you live in your family home for 30+ years you would likely replace an asphalt roof at least twice, versus 1 time for a metal roof. Metal roofing is much more durable and long-lasting than asphalt, and is supported by substantial warranties (up to 50 years!). The initial cost of a metal roof is higher than asphalt, but over the long-run, cost-savings are realized because labour and materials are only paid for once when the metal roof is initially installed.

How does metal roofing outperform other roofing materials? Vicwest metal roofing is manufactured from steel and finished with high performance coatings. Each type of profile is designed with unique locking features so that the installation itself contributes to the ability of the roof to withstand high winds, driving precipitation, and extreme weather. Being made of steel means your roof will not suffer from insect infestation and it won’t burn. The materials, finishes and installation features all add up to the most durable roofing system available.