Selecting a Metal Roof – Summerside® Steel Shingles

Erica Einarson Residential Blogs

Selecting a roofing material for your new home or renovation project can be a challenge, but it can also be an exciting part of the exterior design. What look would compliment your building’s style? A roof is the crowning feature, and is integral along with windows, doors, and garage doors, bricks and siding, in the colour scheme and overall design of your home.
Style is one thing – roofing material type is another. A roof needs to be both beautiful and practical. You many think of roofing materials as all the same, but each material has different quality features. Steel roofing is the premiere roofing material because it has exceptional quality features such as durability, longevity, energy efficiency, environmental / sustainability, and fire safety. All this translate into long-term cost savings for the homeowner as well as improved performance in extreme weather.
When considering a metal roof, one popular choice is Summerside® Steel Shingles. If you like the look of traditional cedar shingles you’ll love Summerside. The surface texture mimics wood and delivers a high-end look. The shingles are precision engineered from 28 gauge steel with a double embossed finish, which gives them the advantage of being much stronger than most other steel shingle roofing systems. Although traditional shingles might be lower in initial cost, they have a much shorter lifespan and reduced performance capabilities compared to steel.
This high performance roofing choice is easily installed, with a four way interlocking system, that tightens on all four sides to resist high wind uplift, heavy snow loads, and other severe weather conditions. Summerside® Steel Shingles will not rot, curl, crack, burn, or fade. And because they are non-combustible, they will not catch fire or burn. This sets Summerside® Steel Shingles apart from other roofing materials, only for being long lasting – but being safe and secure. And important for homeowners, Summerside® Shingles are supported by a limited Lifetime transferable warranty.
Vicwest takes environmental impact very seriously, and that’s why Summerside® Steel shingles are manufactured in Canada with recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Where building codes allow, they can even be installed directly over most traditional roofing materials which reduce installation time and waste that ends up in landfills. Summerside® shingles also reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun’s heat due to the reflective properties of the steel finishes.

Summerside shingles are now available in 8 designer matte colours, so you are sure to find the perfect match to the other exterior components of your home’s design. Download the new matte finishes flyer for a convenient reference.

Summerside® Steel shingles are:

  1. Made in Canada
  2. Long lasting with lifetime warranty
  3. Beauty of cedar with the performance of steel
  4. Availabe in all 8 new matte colour finishes
  5. Stand-up to severe weather, snow load
  6. Fire resistant
  7. Reduce energy costs with low environmental impact
Talk to your roofing contractor about installing Summerside on your new built home / cottage or for your re-roofing renovation. You’ll love the look and appreciate the quality and performance features.