What to Look For When You Inspect Your Roof This Fall

Erica Einarson Residential Blogs

Roofing professionals advise that homeowners take a good look at their roof in the spring and the fall.

By doing so, the homeowner can identify any potential problems for the season ahead. In the fall – you want to be sure that your roof will perform through the winter, and address any urgent issues before the snow arrives making repairs very difficult.

If you have a metal roof, chances are the inspection takes only a few minutes. Metal roofs are virtually maintance free.

A fall inspection for a metal roof will focus on making sure dead branches on trees near the home (that could come down in a winter storm), are safely removed. If you or your contractor installed snowguards, you should verify that they are sound and ready to do their job. Again you can check the condition from the ground (binoculars can help).

For asphalt roofs, a fall inspection should evaluate the condition of the roof and the shingles. By walking around the outside of your property you can get an overall impression. If you are unable to get a good look, it is recommended to call your contractor to conduct the inspection, rather than risk going up on the roof yourself.

Here’s what to look for when inspecting an asphalt roof:

1. missing, moved or cracked shingles

2. shingles with curled edges

3. uneven surface or buckling of the roof

4. excessive loss of asphalt granules (check the area around the down-spouts)

5. discolouration of roof shingles

6. excessive debris on the roof (debris can become trapped on un-even surfaces)

It’s also a good idea to check your attic to make sure your roof is properly venting and there is no sign of water damage, dampness or odour.

If you see that the condition of your asphalt roof has deteriorated – it’s time to start planning for a roof replacement. There are still a few months of roofing weather before the winter sets in, so get in touch with a contractor as soon as possible. When speaking with your contractor or builing supply company, be sure to explore the metal roofing option.

Metal roofing is extremely durable, long-lasting, safe for the environment – and looks beautiful! Vicwest metal roofing is available in individual steel shingels, or in panels that come in various profiles, creating a choice of design styles. Learn more about metal roofing and find out why it is a worry-free option for every home style and budget.