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Planning for

All Vicwest products are designed in collaboration with engineers, specifiers and contractors to ensure a seamless installation on-site. Here you can find all the resources you’ll need to optimize your install.

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Icon depicting solar reflectivity and emissivity

Solar Reflectance & Emissivity

If you’re applying for Credit 7.2 of the LEED® Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof and Roof, we can provide Solar Reflectance and Emissivity test results, as well as the Solar Reflective Index (SRI) ratings, for our WeatherXLTM (SMP) colours as well as our most popular metallic systems and unpainted finishes.

Trim Systems

Some Vicwest metal roofing products are designed to work with a system of customized trim, designed to match each product specifically for seamless visual appeal. Our other products that don’t have custom trims use our 200, 500, 700, or 1100 series trims available in our National Catalogue.

Specification Tools

Our digital specification tools make ordering your Vicwest roof easy. Have existing photography of your roof project? Use our Hover tool to upload and generate the ideal specification.

Paint System Warranties

Unlike some manufacturers who offer a single warranty based on the lowest common denominator, our warranty is tailored to meet the toughest limits achievable based on the paint system applied to the surface – or in some cases, the specific product attributes. Here’s a summary of our warranty programs.