Vicwest Advantage

Standing the Test of Time

For over 100 years, Vicwest has been a leading North American manufacturer  of premium quality metal roofing, cladding, decking and wall panel products for the industrial, commercial and institutional markets. Our approach is to redefine and set the standards in metal building construction and design with the widest and most complete range of products in the steel building product industry.

Quality Products & Professional Advice

With quality exterior building products by Vicwest, building owners, architects and designers can be assured that they have the resources available to complete even the most complex design elements. All of our technical, sales, architectural and field representatives are truly specialists in design, product and field support.  When you work with Vicwest, you are working with a reputable national company committed to providing customers with quality products and services and you will get all the benefits associated with dealing with local offices across the country. From initial bid to final inspection, our in-house and field specialists will support your every effort to bring your vision to life and ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Steel: The Durable and Eco-Friendly Choice

All of the steel roofing, cladding and decking products manufactured by Vicwest are designed to provide more durable and more eco-friendly options than traditional exterior building materials.

  • Longer life expectancy.
    • Typical life spans and warranties for metal roof systems are in excess of 40 years, providing a significant advantage when compared to, for example, the 10 to 15 year lifespan of asphalt shingles.
  • Better resistance to the elements.
    • Unlike conventional roofing materials, metal roofs are not affected by extreme weather such as hail or strong winds; they are fire and spark-resistant and will not crack, peel or curl.
  • Lighter weight.
    • When compared to other roofing materials, metal’s lightweight places fewer demands on a building’s structural support system. Compare this to asphalt shingles which can weigh twice that of a steel roof or to clay tiles and slate that can weigh up to 7 times that of steel.
  • Lower maintenance.
    • Less labour is typically required to install a metal roof as it can be installed over open framing and, in many cases, directly over an existing roof without having to remove the old roofing material.
  • More environmentally friendly.
    • Metal roofs generally contain recycled material and are 100 per cent recyclable at the end of their service life. This is not the case for other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, that take up significant landfill space at the end of their life.
    • Metal roofs are also much more energy-efficient in that they naturally reflect light – keeping your home or cottage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When a heat-deflecting coating is applied, metal roofs can reduce energy costs by up to 40 per cent.